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Grades K-5

Sunday's Readings
2023-2024 Calendar Coming Soon
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Remember to Sign-Up for Children's Liturgy of the Word once a month!  Available at Saturday 5pm, Sunday 10am and 12pm Masses.  Sign-Ups are sent via emails.


Review the Placemat in your Allelu! packet and Lesson PDF (link below) at home each week.

The order in which you'll do the placemats at home are in the "Liturgical Year Chart" PDF below. Going in this order will help match up the liturgical seasons (Ordinary Time, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, etc).  For example, you'll see that in December, you'll be doing Lessons 19, 21, and 22, which go over the Seasons of the Church, Advent, and Christmas.  

The Lesson PDFs for each week include a reflection and activity options.  You do NOT have to do all of them!  They just provide a variety of ways to talk about that week's theme with your child.


Complete the Saint Page in the Lesson PDF for each week and SAVE IT!  You will be making a Communion of Saints booklet as the year continues.

Grades 1-3 Gospel Weeklies

Grade 1 - Promise, 

Grade 2 & 3 - Good News

  • Follow the link below to the weekly Parent Teaching Pages.  They are meant to be a simple guide for the leaflet (i.e. details about the cover page, stories, etc).  Some weeks you may find that you can only focus on the Gospel Weekly leaflet, and other weeks you are able to seek more with the Parent Teaching Pages.

  • The leaflet tells you to go to certain pages in the Catechism Handbook ("What the Church Believes and Teaches Handbook").  Sometimes it's an activity, sometimes it's to learn more about something.

  • You will keep the leaflets!

  • What you will turn in (eventually):  the Weekly Review Handout (PDF below)​

  • You will use the same PDF for each week

  • Your child can draw (or write) something about the Gospel story each week

  • Your child can draw (or write) one thing they learned

  • It asks you to check off basic prayers.  You don't have to do all of them all at once!  Ideas for a routine:​

  • Keep the Weekly Review Handout until we are completely done with Unit 1 (Nov. 6), and you will turn all of the handouts in together when you come to pick up Unit 2.

  • Our Father at bedtime

  • Hail Mary in the morning

  • Sign of the Cross as you head out the door

  • Find moments in your day together to do these simple prayers!

1st Communion

  • See 1st Communion Calendar (Gr. 2-3) for HW schedule

  • Children in Gr. 4-8 preparing for 1st Communion will receive a separate calendar from Chi.

  • Watch Episodes 2, 3, 4, & 6 of each session for your HW chapters.  Feel free to watch all of them!  They will range from 4 to 10 minutes.

  • Please bring your child's book to every session.  HW includes reading the chapters and completing the review pages, which will be checked at the following session.

Grades 4-5 Finding God

  • Always watch the Opening Video & Saint Video for each Unit (QR codes at the beginning of each Unit)

  • Complete Chapters 1-3 before the October 16 Family Session.  Once the website is updated, you will have the schedule of chapters for the year.

  • TRY:  Pick ONE chapter and complete the Interactive Session Review (matching, multiple choice, etc).

  • Click on link below for your grade, scroll down to the Chapter of your choice and click "Interactive Session Review"

  • At the end, enter to send your results to us!

  • We've never done this before, but I would like you to try this feature out and let me know if you find it helpful!

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